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Weco ® Edging systems and industrial solutions for opticians, laboratories and central workshops

Innovating is a tradition at Weco®. A pioneer brand in Optical edging tools and machines, Weco® was the first to develop new functionalities in designing optical edging devices. As part of the Luneau Technology Group since 2010, Weco® benefits from the group’s innovative technologies which, combined with Weco’s industrial savvy, has resulted in a brand revival.

  • Industrial know-how and technological R&D insure incomparable quality.
  • Weco’s edging lines are efficient machining centers with a high turnout of frames.
  • With Weco’s “trendy” concept, opticians can gradually invest in the edging line; the systems’ modularity guarantees a step-by-step update of the entire line so that investments remain reasonable and all equipment is always up-to-date.
  • Weco® commits to a 2-years guarantee for all machinery parts.

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