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A carefully planned merger where each entity brings their unique skills to the table without re-defining its’ identity and specialized product lines .

Generally, for a company, there are two possible ways of developing: isolation or merger. We opted for the second option.  The only company to hold a portfolio of brands in a niche market, Luneau Technology Group is known for its strong brands, Briot, Weco, and Visionix which offer a complementary mix of products and innovative capacity.

Each entity continues its’ specialty:

Luneau Technology features diagnostic devices, specialized optotypes, displays, and ophthalmic technologies enhanced by the expertise of Visionix®. Briot®, a long time edger developer and manufacturer (under the brands Briot® and Weco®) is renowned for innovation and expertise in finishing.

Boosted by Luneau Technology, the three brands, Visionix®, Briot® and Weco®, have combined synergies and have multiplied the portfolio allowing Luneau Technology to provide solutions for the daily requirements of opticians, ophthalmic professionals, and practitioners.

With the merger creating a powerful team of highly skilled professionals and products, Luneau Technology has now positioned itself as a global supplier of ophthalmic equipment, extending from refraction and diagnostic tools to equipment for labs and finishing.

 "It is important that ophthalmic industry professionals know that they can obtain complete equipment solutions regardless of the specialty of their practice from one company with three long-standing and trusted brands."